Memorable Quotes from Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen

“Did she not feel totally fulfilled when she had completed the manuscript, just as if it were another baby she had had?” (p. 166)

Themes in Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen

Themes in Second Class Citizen are class and gender, women and motherhood, hard work and ambition, and false conception.

Themes in Bosede Ademilua-Afolayan’s Once Upon an Elephant

Once Upon an Elephant by Bosede Ademilua-Afolayan discusses themes such as power, betrayal, redemption, poetic justice, love

Themes in S.O.H. Afriyie-Vidza’s “Hearty Garlands”

The themes in “Hearty Garlands” by S.O.H. Afriyie-Vidza include ageing, celebration, and contentment and fulfillment.

Content Analysis of S.O.H. Afriyie-Vidza’s “Hearty Garlands”

“Hearty Garlands” is, therefore, a panegyric that praises an individual who has just reached the ripe age of eighty-five.

Content Analysis of Jared Angira’s “If”

“If” by Jared Angira is a simple poem that conveys the poetic persona’s superstitious beliefs and the whimsical nature of his interpretations

Poem: “Murders” by Leopold Sédar Senghor

They are lying there along the captured roads, along the roads of disaster Slender poplars, statues of the sombre gods

Poem: “Sounds of a Cowhide Drum” by Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali

Boom Boom Boom I hear it far in the northern skies a rumble and a roar of thunder I prick my ears like a buck ready to flee
Elizabeth smiles and says, “Your father reacted in the same fashion when he bumped into me, and so did your brother when he met Debra.”

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