About Us

Our Story

Literature PADI started in August, 2020 as a random idea that found home on WordPress subdomain (https://literaturepadi.wordpress.com).

Its main objective was to make available the analyses of texts recommended for Literature-in-English in SSCE and UTME.

The brains behind this project observed that Literature-in-English was one of the not so well taught subjects in secondary schools. Some schools did not have teachers for the subject to start with.

Thus, students had to rely on Orijo (examination malpractice) in order to pass the subject in external examinations.

While some manage to scale through, a lot don’t.

So, we at Literature PADI thought that if we could (in our little way) provide analyses of those texts, maybe Literature-in-English would be made easier for teachers and students to teach and learn respectively. No one would have to take the illegal shortcut.

We assumed that we might fill the gaps created by unavailability of the subject teachers and in a way, corroborate what students have been taught in class.

In the last quarter of March, 2021, the literary blog moved to a new home (www.literaturepadi.com.ng).



This is accompanied by a re-definition of its focus. We decided to expand our focus to an all-inclusive literature rather than the limiting secondary school recommended literature texts. Hence, the “. . . everything literature” tagline.


Our Mission

Literature PADI intends to provide materials, articles, quotes, tips etc within the ambit of literature or anything leaning towards the field of literature.