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Who is Literature PADI? We are a Nigerian-based literary platform that aims to promote and celebrate African literature through various initiatives and activities. Literature PADI is a valuable resource for anyone interested in African literature, providing a space for discussion, engagement, and celebration of the continent’s diverse literary traditions.

The word “PADI” is a Yoruba term that means “friend” or “companion,” reflecting the platform’s goal of fostering a community of literary enthusiasts and creators.


Some of Literature PADI’s activities include book reviews, author interviews, literary events, and social media campaigns that highlight African writers and their works.

We also aspire to partner with the players in the African literary industry to organise literary events which will bring together writers, publishers, and literary enthusiasts to discuss and celebrate African literature.


Literature PADI’s mission is to create a platform where African literature can be appreciated, celebrated, and promoted both locally and internationally. We believe that African literature is an essential part of the continent’s cultural heritage and can play a crucial role in shaping and defining African identity and storytelling.

We aspire to become a leading online platform dedicated to providing insightful literary analysis and commentary. We aim to engage readers with thought-provoking content that explores the depths of literature and its impact on society. We are passionate about promoting literary awareness and fostering a community of avid readers and writers.


Literature PADI was founded by Ridwan Adédèjì in August, 2020 with the primary objective to make available the analyses of texts recommended for Literature-in-English in SSCE and UTME.

The brains behind this project observed that Literature-in-English was one of the not so well taught subjects in secondary schools. With this in mind, he kick-started Literature PADI to fill the gaps created by unavailability of the subject teachers and in a way, corroborate what students have been taught in class.

We have since expanded our scope of focus. In April, 2023, we hit one million views on Google Search Console, an indication of the success of the project thus far.

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