Memorable Quotes from Susanne Bellefeuille’s Path of Lucas

Elizabeth smiles and says, “Your father reacted in the same fashion when he bumped into me, and so did your brother when he met Debra.”

Path of Lucas
Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured
  1. “I will stay here as long as you need me, except you have to promise you will wake up for your incredible children, grandchildren, and husband but, most of all, for me.” (Chapter 1)
  2. Elizabeth smiles and says, “Your father reacted in the same fashion when he bumped into me, and so did your brother when he met Debra.” (Chapter 2)
  3. Lucas’s thoughts permeate with images of their first encounter, her smile, how their eyes met, the way she said ‘merci’ when he dropped her off. ( Chapter 3)
  4. He sets the car in park, turns and looks right at Isabelle, and in his low charming voice he asks, “would you go on a date with me?” (Chapter 4)
  5. Lucas smiles in return and replies in French, Bienvenue, as he puts his hand on the small of her back and guides her toward the restaurant. (Chapter 5)
  6. “He finally opens the door for her, and she gets in, wishing the night didn’t have to end. She can feel the love Lucas has for her. She is incredulous. She is magnificent, he thinks as he sits next to her in the car. (Chapter 6)
  7. “No, Lucas, is too late. You say before that if we commit to each other, you have to meet my family, and is too hard for me, as you can see. I just want go home and forget this day ever happen,” (Chapter 7)
  8. Isabelle starts to walk again, coming toward the sitting room with tea and cookies for Mr. Thomas and his guest, which Julia has requested before going upstairs. Lucas can only stare as he watches her enter the room. Isabelle has her head down as she concentrates on setting the tray on the sofa table. When she looks up to greet Mr. Thomas’s guest, a look of disbelief crosses her face when she sees him. ( Chapter 8)
  9. Isabelle repositions herself as she tries to get comfortable; he keeps his arms around her as if he never wants to let her go. She snuggles into him; his arm cradles her small frame. Her legs outstretched and crossed at the ankles, she stares at her feet, mustering up the courage to say what she must. (Chapter 9)
  10. “Son, you have been fumbling all morning, and you might get hurt,” replies John with a wink. “Go home and relax. You clearly have Isabelle on your mind; you have a big evening tonight. I’ve been in your situation, and I know what you are going through.” (Chapter 10)
  11. “Lucas, you are so blessed to have a fantastic family,” expresses Isabelle. “Your family has so much to offer and are very kind.” (Chapter 11)
  12. “Isabelle, your next appointment will be in four weeks. Ginger ale and dry toast or crackers with tea may help with the nausea. Eventually, the morning sickness will pass, but meanwhile just eat light. When your stomach calms down, add some milk. Calcium is important for the baby. And get some rest. Remember that you are carrying a new life. Take care of yourself, Isabelle,” (Chapter 12)
  13. “And I don’t want you to feel ashamed, darling. You didn’t do anything by yourself. We both made love together, and I don’t feel ashamed. I feel overjoyed at the thought of having you as my wife and starting a family with you. So, don’t feel bad about any of this. It’s not your fault.” (Chapter 13)
  14. “I am okay,” says Isabelle as she tries to sit up. “I came to tell you that my sister is having her baby. I got excited and started to run; then I tripped over a rock. What if I hurt the baby?” (Chapter 14)
  15. It is not commonplace at all in 1959 for the father-to-be in the delivery room, so he must do as all prospective fathers do: wait. He continues to walk back and forth with great anticipation. No one ever told him how hard it is for a father-to-be to wait for his child to be born. (Chapter 15)
  16. Lucas kisses Isabelle and looks at his children with a grin. My dream is coming true, he thinks. Everything I ever wanted in life is right here in this house and this town. (Chapter 16)
  17. “You have a son, weighing eight pounds and four ounces. He is very weak, and the next twenty-four hours will be crucial. The cord was around his neck, and he went into distress, which will weaken his heart, and his lungs are very weak. He is stable, being on oxygen, and he is on a heart monitor because he might go into cardiac arrest,” ( Chapter 17)
  18. In true Lucas’s style, he hugs and kisses both parents and says good night. Isabelle follows. They all proceed to their bedrooms, and even though it is a difficult time, there is a general feeling of peace and contentment in the house. (Chapter 18)
  19. “Isabelle, I love it here. This is my life, my world. But my father needs me, and I don’t know what to do. I feel torn between my dream and my father’s needs.” (Chapter 19)
  20. “Dad, we are family after all, and I am here to help you get through your difficult times,” replies Lucas as he closes the trunk and pats his father on the shoulder. (Chapter 20)
  21. “The Air Force is swell. I just bought a 1966 Beechcraft C23 Musketeer four-seat airplane from a friend in Alberta, she’s a beauty,” (Chapter 21)
  22. Finally, one week later, Richard starts to show signs of recovery. His fever breaks, and the swelling around his brain subsides. One of the first things he says is, “Mommy, I’m hungry.” Isabelle will never forget those words! (Chapter 22)
  23. “Lucas,” says Isabelle as she walks toward him, smiling back. “I believe in you, Lucas. I believe in your kindness and generosity and in your intelligence and hard work. You’ll be great!” (Chapter 23)
  24. France was only thirty-two years old and had so much to give. She was a wonderful mother, great wife, and the best sister that anyone could have. France was not only a sister, but she was my closest friend. She was always there for me; even in my saddest moments, she could make me smile. ( Chapter 24)
  25. “Your mom is very ill right now, and the paramedics will take her to the hospital so the doctors can make her better,” says John as he looks at the sadness in their eyes. (Chapter 25)
  26. Lucas walks into the room slowly and then stands there for a few seconds just watching Isabelle sleep. She looks peaceful and normal, as if she were sleeping at home, he thinks. He walks closer as he continues to stare at Isabelle. She is sleeping on her side, curled up, with blankets covering her. (Chapter 26)
  27. “It is hard to understand all that she is going through, but I will stay strong for my wife. It’s true her childhood wasn’t great, but as a result, she has blossomed into a wonderful person. She doesn’t deserve this, and the children surely need their mom.” (Chapter 27)
  28. “You may not remember, but as I have told you before, I’m your husband, and we have five children together, who are at our home waiting for their mommy to come back,” (Chapter 28)
  29. “Thank you, Dr. Jones. With that news, you have made me the happiest person alive! I have my wife back, and soon my kids will have their mother back,” (Chapter 29)
  30. “We will all miss you, but now you are set free. You were once my father; now you are my angel. Shine for me, Daddy, until we meet again. Thank you for being my dad.” (Chapter 35)

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