Part 1: Chapter 20 Summary of Alex Agyei-Agyiri’s UNEXPECTED JOY AT DAWN


This marks the end of Part 1 of Alex Agyei-Agyiri’s Unexpected Joy at Dawn. This chapter captures Nii Tackie’s journey across Ghana-Togo border. In line with his resolve in the previous chapter, he is already on his way to Nigeria.

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To get to Nigeria, he has to pass through Togo and Benin. He gets to Banukophe, a border town between Ghana and Togo. His co-travellers disguise in farm clothes. Nii Tackie who had not anticipated this move dirties and crumples his clean shirt in the mud before putting it on. They all disguise as farmers walking through a cassava farm.


Nii Tackie has learnt a lot of the dos and don’ts of crossing the border. Along the way, Nii Tackie discovers Aaron Larshibi, the scientist and initiator of the Ant Hill Ptoject. During their brief conversation, Aaron intimates him of his reason for leaving the country. According to Aaron, he is leaving Ghana because his plans were frustrated by its banks and the Ghanaian authorities. Nii Tackie confesses that he is just a small fry or an inconsequential pawn (to put it that way) who is incapable of changing the bank policy.

While they are crossing the border to Togo one by one, one of the travellers is shot in the left leg and the others are captured. They are made to pay a fine od ten naira each to avoid being tried in the tribunal as dissidents.

Upon crossing the border, Nii Tackie could not find Aaron though he is sure the latter isn’t the one shot in the leg. Aaron has slipped away. Now, Nii Tackie has to cross the Benin border to get to Nigeria. He is assured by his colleagues that it is easier travelling from Benin to the Nigerian border.

The leaving of Aaron and Nii Tackie is symbolic in some way. Their leaving projects the exodus of Ghanaian professionals from the country and consequently, the brain dearth that might follow.

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