Characters in Elechi Amadi’s The Slave

Some of the characters in Elechi Amadi’s The Slave include Olumati, Aleru, Nzege, and Bekweri,. We are going to discuss these characters.

The Slave by Elechi Amadi
The Slave by Elechi Amadi

Some of the characters in Elechi Amadi’s The Slave are Olumati, Aleru, Nzege, Bekweri, among many others. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the characters in The Slave.

OLUMATI: He is the protagonist in Elechi Amadi’s novel. He is the son of Osimini and the grandson of Wakwakata who was known as the Spider because of his wrestling skills. Olumati is taken to the shrine of Amadioha at his tender age. He returns to his community at a later stage hoping to find a home and a family. He is also a powerful wrestler who defeats the undefeated Aso. His efforts to blend in with the people of Aliji proves futile. The people of Aliji still see him as a slave even after his success in the village. The lady he loves, Enaa, rejected him, which drove him into depression and eventually out of town and back to Amadioha’s shrine.

 ALERU: She is one of the characters in The Slave. Aleru is the sister to Olumati who lives in Aliji with her grandmother, Nzege before the arrival of her brother. She is Olumati’s second mother. She is hardworking, caring and loving even after getting married to Nyege until her unfortunate death.


NZEGE (GEGE):  She is the grandmother of  Olumati and Alero. She is seen as a fearsome and courageous woman that she was allowed into the gathering of the elders. She defends her family and takes care of Olumati, and Aleru until her illness and eventual death.

BEKWERI:  He is one of the notable characters in The Slave. Bekweri is the father of Enaa and Oriji. He is one of the well-to-do men in the community. He holds one of the biggest Mgbede for his daughter Enaa.

MINIKWE:  He is the high priest of the people of Aliji. He handles cases and did libations for the people of Aliji. He is the father of Nyeche and Chizi.

KWELE: He is the head of Okani Family who are rivalries with the Echela family.

ASO: He is a fearsome wrestler famously known as Akharaghara. He wins various wrestling matches until his encounter with Olumati who ends his wrestling career with a vicious defeat.

NYECHE:  He is the son of Eze Minikwe. He is a good palm wine tapper. He taught Olumati his first source of livelihood in Aliji. He got married to Aleru who died after the loss of their child.

ADIBA: She is the sister to Wizo the Carver. She has the heart of a mother. She took care of her brother’s child like her own. She never hesitates to help out a friend in need.

WIZO THE CARVER:  He is the best carver in all of Aliji. He is also known outside Aliji in towns like Chiolu and Isiali. He eventually gets married to the beautiful Enaa.

ENAA: She is the beloved daughter of Belweri. She is described as having the oil of distinction on her head by the gods. She is beautiful and elegant and the most sought-after bride in Aliji. She ends up accepting the marriage proposal of Wizo the Carver.

ABAJI: He is the undefeated champion of Isiali, who is thought by many to be filled with charms. He defeated Olumati.

OVUNDA: He is the eldest of the Osa Family who is closely related to the Echela Family.

NDEM: She is Olumati and Aleru’s mother who deserted them and lived in Isiali because of fear of misfortunes.

ORIJI: He is the elder brother to Enaa. He is in full support of Aso marrying his sister until after the tantrum of the music Pot which made Oriji withdraw his support.

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