Chapter 13 to 24 Summary of Elechi Amadi’s The Slave

In chapter 18 of The Slave, the planting season kicks off and Aleru, though pregnant, helps her brother the best way she can.

The Slave by Elechi Amadi
The Slave by Elechi Amadi

In this blog post, we are going to summarise Elechi Amadi’s novel, The Slave, from chapters thirteen to twenty-four.

Chapter 13 Summary

Land disputes are not strange to the Aliji community as it also occurs between Olumati and Aso.  Aso uses palm leaves (Omu) to tie the land given to Olumati for the coming farming season. After consultations were made with elders and Minikwe present, the Omu was removed.

Minikwe’s request for Nyeche to marry Enaa did not go through, which gave Nyeche the opportunity to go for his loved one, Aleru. Although several reasons come up against his decision, he marries Aleru as his wife.


Chapter 14 Summary

In chapter 14 of The Slave, the wrestling season officially begins and, for the first time in many years, there is a form of participation from Echela’s family. Olumati invites drummers who chant and remind the elders of the old times.

Olumati also engages in the wrestling and emerged victorious after every fight. This is the case for Aso with few draws but no defeat.

When darkness falls, the wrestling officially begins with Aso running around the arena with all eyes on him looking for a challenger. Olumati steps in. Aso, who thought the only competitor he had was Abaji from Isiali, is surprised at his defeat to an unknown Olumati.

Chapter 15 Summary

Olumati’s vicious victory over Aso causes Aso to be bedridden for a long time. Olumati decides to visit him with Nyege to inquire of his well-being but the people of Okani refused him that opportunity. So, he could only speak to Kwele, the elder who entertained them well despite their feud.

At night, Adiba comes to warn him of Aso’s illness which might likely lead to death, requesting that he seeks for libation with Minikwe in order to avoid Aso’s blood on his hands.

Chapter 16 Summary

The beginning of a new year could only be determined by the Eze which is always so accurate. The old year has come to an end and has been sent away with some rituals perform by the Eze and his first wife.

Aso is getting better but with a hump developing. Olumati regrets his action of throwing him to the ground while Wizo tells him that he can never be a champion if he thinks like that.

The new year comes with farming. Olumati plants seed yams early with the help of Nyeche.

Chapter 17 Summary

In chapter 17 of The Slave, Wizo begins preparation on the carved mask for Enaa’s outing. He wants the large mask to be exceptional. So, he pays a visit to Enaa, and with admiring and flirtatious words, he takes a mental picture of her for the large mark which would be made during Mgbede outing scene.

Chapter 18 Summary

In chapter 18 of The Slave, the planting season kicks off and Aleru, though pregnant, helps her brother the best way she can. Adiba assists too. Aleru reminds Olumati of his impending marriage proposal to Enaa before it is too late.

Later that day Aleru and Olumati discuss about their mother Ndem who is afraid of coming back to Aliji and it is concluded that Olumati should go and see her to try and convince her to come back.

The Slave by Elechi Amadi
The Slave by Elechi Amadi

Chapter 19 Summary

Olumati goes to Isiali to visit his mother to try and win her over. She rejects the proposal at first but agrees to come back after the Ige festival.

Chapter 20 Summary

In chapter 20 of The Slave, Aleru is excited with her mother’s arrival, which gave her strength to continue the weeding of her brother’s farmland with Adiba. Unfortunately, this will be the last time she will visit the farm.

Aleru’s health deteriorates, which eventually leads to her death. Her death drains the strength off her brother and her in-laws. Olumati slowly recovers and has to continue his palm wine tapping.

Chapter 21 Summary

Aleru’s death affects Olumati’s recovery and her absence is felt by him everywhere he goes. Ovunda is worried that he would be alone, so he offers him accommodation which he refuses under the guise of pondering. Ovunda also reminds him of marriage which makes him summon the courage to ask for Enaa’s hand in marriage. On arrival, his feet fail him and he postpones it yet again.

Chapter 22 Summary

In chapter 22 of The Slave, Olumati produces one of the greatest harvests ever witnessed in the land of Aliji, which also increases his enemies, especially the Okani family.

Ovunda tries his best to cater for him by sending his wives and daughters to take care of him. Adiba’s relentless habit of taking care of him continues.

Chapter 23 Summary

The festival brings Enna’s outing to light. It is well prepared for.  Wizo displays a high level of competence in making the mask for the festival.

During the celebration, Wizo dresses so extravagantly that Olumati is curious to know the reason for his dressing.  He is shocked to learn that Wizo has proposed to Enaa and she has accepted.

Olumati is shocked but it is too late. Adiba tells him that even if he had attempted to propose to Enaa, he might have not been accepted because the villagers still look at him as a slave.

Chapter 24 Summary

In chapter 24 of The Slave, Olumati feels lost and abandoned.  He retreats to the walls of his house. For several days, there is no sign of life from his compound.

Seeing palm wine drop from his trees, Ovunda is worried. He visits Olumati and tries to talk some sense into him but it was futile. He leaves to return the next day but before he comes back, Olumati has left the town of Aliji forever. Sources say that he returned to the shrine of Amadioha.

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