Part 1: Chapter 18 to Chapter 19 Summary of Alex Agyei-Agyiri’s UNEXPECTED JOY AT DAWN



In Chapter 18 of Alex Agyei-Agyiri’s Unexpected Joy at Dawn, Nii Tackie and Massa embark on a journey to a spiritualist home, the same one Nii Tackie’s friend told him about. On their way, the ailing Massa makes Nii Tackie promise her that he will always remember her – a promise that presages her death.

The driver in spite of protestations from his passengers speeds recklessly with the excuse that he wants to arrive at his destination quickly. While a fraction of the passengers try to dissuade him, the other encourage him. In the midst of this, Massa utters her last words and drifts into a sleep:

‘There is no problem with me now’

Unexpected Joy at Dawn

While she sleeps, Nii Tackie reminisces the early days of their marriage. Then, he notices that Massa has not stirred and is not responsive. He calls her name but there is no response. One of the passengers suggests she is taken to the hospital which is fortunately not far from where they are. The words of the last doctor echoes in Nii Tackie’s mind: “She has a few days on her life”.


At the hospital where she is rushed to, Massa is pronounced dead. He is put into know about the procedure of the hospital’s mortuary and its surging daily charges. Nii Tackie is preoccupied with the cost of Massa’s burial and he is so visibly troubled that a patient mistakes him for a psychiatric patient.

He leaves the hospital for the spiritualist home, GOD IS BEYOND SCIENCE, his initial destination before Massa’s inertia changed his course. He goes there now with the intention of being redeemed. Without being prompted, he joins twenty other volunteers in clearing a site for the church’s new KVIP toilet.

He would later confide in the anchoring attendant, a young man, of Massa’s death and his fears that the Ghanaian government might expel aliens in Ghana. The young attendant consoles him and tells him to be patient.

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We then witness the confession session. When it gets to his turn, he shouts Massa’s name. He asks for God’s forgiveness for leaving her body in Nigeria, he prays for the protection of Massa’s spirit and wishes to see his family again – his parents and sister.

Chapter 18 (Part 1) of the novel witnesses the death of Massa Awo Sika, ten kilometres from the church when she is bound for cure, after an illness that has accelerated her age and reduced her to a shadow of herself.


In Nigeria, Mama Orojo is happy because she is hosting the six senior members of the Amen Kristi. She has been the local treasurer of Amen Kristi at Ijase for barely six months. The local chairman, the accountant, and the secretary would be at her place to plan their next missionary work at Egba which would involve fifty members of the church in the three days that the evangelism lasts.

Elsewhere (in Egba), a middle-aged man and his wife discuss the imminent crusade of Amen Kristi church. The husband who obviously is of another faith other than Christianity iterates the need to stop Amen Kristi’s evangelism in Egba. He says:

‘We’ve got to stop them at one.’

Unexpected Joy at Dawn

By the use of first person plural pronoun, he probably implies a group of individuals who see the Amen Kristi missionary activities as a threat to them. The Sahm Brotherhood in any case.
In Ghana, Nii Tackie feels lonely and broods over Massa’s death and his visit to the spiritualist. All he sees around him in the room reminds him of Massa. He is still traumatised by Massa’s death.

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