JamesMurua.com to WritingAfrica.com: James Murua Continues His Reportage of African Literature

His statement read in part, “The website formerly known as JamesMurua.com will now go with the name WritingAfrica.com.”


Popular Kenya-based literary blogger, journalist, and podcaster, James Murua has announced a change in domain name of what has been his ten year literary website reportage and documentation of African and black literature.

The blogger took to his social media accounts to announce this development. His statement read in part, “The website formerly known as JamesMurua.com will now go with the name WritingAfrica.com.”

The change in domain name came in the wake of his tenth year since his foray into the reportage and blogging of news about happenings on the African literary scene. According to him, the abandonment of his hosting company by its founders prompted his decision to change his domain name from JamesMurua.com to WritingAfrica.com. He however expressed his intent to continue providing ‘digestible news from literary communities on the continent and the diaspora’ with the same regularity and quality his readers have been accustomed to in the last decade, noting that the change in name would not change anything.

Writing Africa Logo. Credit: Writing Africa.

JamesMurua.com was created in 2013 by a versatile James Murua with the intent of giving African writing community the adequate attention it had not been given until then in the area of news reportage.

JamesMurua.com was born on April 24, 2013, when I registered a self-titled domain to write about African writers and what they were up to,” James Murua wrote.

Until its recent change in name, the site had since established itself as a one-stop for African literature news and book reviews. It was nominated for ‘Best Creative Writing Blog’ at 2018 Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards. His podcast would be nominated for ‘Podcast of the Year’ the following year.

Other initiatives that underwent the brand transformation include his YouTube channel and podcast which now go by The Writing Africa YouTube Channel and The Writing Africa Podcast respectively. The site’s Facebook Page has also been changed to Writing Africa to reflect the change in brand name.

James Murua. Credit: James Murua.

Work has continued on the new site since its launch like it never went away for a second.

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