Adjectival Group


Adjectival group (also adjectival phrase) is a word or a group of words that acts like an adjective. Example:

(1) The new senate building is beautiful.
(2) We have a set of very brilliant students in our department.

The adjective is the obligatory element in adjectival group (AdjG). Examples:


(3) He is proficient in English.
(4) He is very proficient in English.

In Examples 4 and 5, “proficient” is adjectival head.

The adjectival head can be realised by the following:

▪️ Simple forms of monosyllabic and disyllabic words. E.g. “all, good, best” and “narrow, early, clever”.

▪️ Derived forms of nouns, adjectives and verbs with the help of suffixes such as “hopeful”, “fashionable”, “handy”, “glorious”, “gentlemanly”, etcetera; and prefixes like “disagreeable”, “irrelevant”, “impossible”, “inseparable”, etc.

▪️ Compound forms of different classes. E.g. noun + adjective, adverb + noun, adjective + adverb, etc.”Class conscious”, “long distance”, “well-behaved”, “ill-advised”, “poorly-equipped”, etc.

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