Literature: Definition and Genres

August 9, 2021 Ridwan Adédèjì 0

Literature is like a big elephant felt by six blind men. Each one described the elephant by the part he touched. Like that big elephant, the word “literature” is open to several interpretations and in fact, polysemous.

A Review of Chinua Achebe and John Iroaganachi’s HOW THE LEOPARD GOT HIS CLAWS

August 4, 2021 Ridwan Adédèjì 0

A first time read of How The Leopard Got His Claws would probably inform its reader of a deep-seated literary meaning. The text is more than just a children’s literature. It tells a story, historical, dressed in the elegance of fable. How The Leopard Got His Claws is a political allegory and on par with George Orwell’s well-read novella, Animal Farm. The story it tells, its background and the contextual situation reveal this much.

A Review of Chukwuemeka Ike’s EXPO ’77

July 8, 2021 Ridwan Adédèjì 0

Originally published in 1980, the novel is set in an era that witnessed a paradigm shift in societal moral values — honesty, sincerity, diligence and contentment were supplanted by corruption, deceit, laziness and greed. Expo ’77 exposes the extent to which the debasement of the Nigerian social institution and discard of societal moral values affected the educational system.