Characters in Susanne Bellefeuille’s Path of Lucas

Some of the characters in Susanne Bellefeuille’s Path of Lucas are Lucas, Isabelle, John, Elizabeth, Jim, Julia, Steve, Richard, Bourgeois.

Path of Lucas
Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

Some of the characters in Susanne Bellefeuille’s Path of Lucas are Lucas, Isabelle, John, Elizabeth, Jim, Julia, Steve, Richard, Bourgeois, and Bates. Now, let’s say a thing or two about these characters in Path of Lucas.

Lucas Clarkson

Lucas Clarkson is the protagonist of Path of Lucas. He suffers many ups and downs in the novel. He sits in the hospital with his daughter, Lucy, who is in coma, to narrate his love life with her mother, Isabelle.

He had fallen in love with Isabelle when they were little and he grows up to love her more, even marrying her, though he later loses her. He becomes a father of five and Lucy is his fourth child. Also, he later loses his friend, Steve, and his mother, Elizabeth.


Isabelle Clarkson (née Bourgeois)

Isabelle is one of the notable characters in Path of Lucas. She is Lucas’s wife. She had loved Lucas since their young age. She gets pregnant for him and marries him. She is from a poor background where her family frustrates her. Her father emotionally abuses her and physically, through beating. She works in Mr. Thomas’s farm. In her marriage with Lucas, she is a mother of five. She later dies in the novel.

John Clarkson

John Clarkson is the father to Lucas who loves and supports his son. He is a wealthy farmer who is responsible for providing for his family. He later gets old and begs Lucas to come home and help him work on the farm.

Elizabeth Clarkson

She is one of the noticeable characters in Path of Lucas. She is Lucas’s mother and John’s wife. She is very open minded and welcomes Isabelle into their home. She is also very fond of her grandchildren.


Jim is a friend to Lucas who offers him a job to come to Uxbridge and work for him as a mechanic since his business is progressing. He also offers to pay Lucas’s tuition fees to go to a school in Uxbridge and become a certified mechanic.


Julia is the granddaughter to the boss of Isabelle, Mr. Thomas. Out of her kindness, she takes Isabelle in her car to a hospital in Alexandria to see Dr Bates for Isabelle’s pregnancy test. She also comforts Isabelle in her pregnancy.


Steve is Lucas’s childhood friend who later meets him again when they were teenagers. He shows his support for Lucas’s dream and urges him to go on with Isabelle. He later leaves Lucas again for his maritime job at Cold Lake, Alberta where he was posted.

Richard Maurice

Richard is the celebrity hockey player who signs an autograph for Lucas in his concert and greets John, Lucas’s father.

Mr Bourgeois

Mr Bourgeois is Isabelle’s father whom she had complained of to Lucas about emotional abuse. As he gets old with sickness, he values nature more and prefers to sit outside. He also pleads for forgiveness.

Dr Bates

Dr Bates is a doctor at Alexandria. He is the one who checks Isabelle’s pregnancy test and confirms it is positive. He also prescribes some food items for her since she faces nausea.

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