Memorable Quotes from Kiriamiti’s My Life in Crime

“The Swahili say that what you are not taught by your parents, you’ll be taught by the world.” (Chapter 1)

My Life in Crime
My Life in Crime front cover.

“You look very bright these days Jack, very smart too. Seems as if your uncle spares you a lot of pocket money.” (Chapter 1)

“The Swahili say that what you are not taught by your parents, you’ll be taught by the world.” (Chapter 1)

“Save your calories for future use and for someone else, baby. I never want company and if I ever do, I know where to get it from.” (Chapter 2)


“Sometimes, even the oddest thing can turn out to be funny!” (Chapter 1)

“If you really feel you want me, talk with my mother as a gentleman.” (Chapter 3)

“When things are as they are now, one is better off with his mouth shut.” (Chapter 4)

“Prostitutes and criminals are alike. They like boasting much though I didn’t like it.” (Chapter 5)

My Life In Crime Quotes
Memorable Quotes from John Kiriamiti’s My Life in Crime

“If I don’t take care, the next time you hear about me, I’ll be rotting in prison, which I am sure you wouldn’t like.” (Chapter 5)

“I have prepared everything for them and the day after tomorrow they will join St. Theresa’s school.” (Chapter 6)

“It is very hard to find you a decent job here. You know they speak French and everything here in the offices is run in French.” (Chapter 7)

“Shall I ever want to leave this place where I feel so secure and go back to a Kenya where every cop would draw his gun wherever I was sighted?” (Chapter 7)

“If you don’t stop the affair between you and Miss Makarios, I’ll do a thing you’ll regret for as long as you live.” (Chapter 8)

“That’s how things go. When you need sunshine, you get rain and when you need rain, you get sunshine.” (Chapter 10)

“While you arrange positions tomorrow, you’d better stay informed that I trust my .45 only in my hands.” (Chapter 11)

“You are not going to stop anywhere under any circumstances unless I tell you to.” (Chapter 12)

“When you have stayed in prison for as long as that, you become somehow mentally confused.” (Chapter 14)

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