Chapter by Chapter Summary of Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani’s I Do Not Come to You by Chance

I Do Not Come to You by Chance by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani tells the story of one young man and the family that loves him.

Summary of I Do Not Come to You by Chance
Summary of I Do Not Come to You by Chance

Plot Summary of I Do Not Come to You by Chance

A deeply moving debut novel set amid the perilous world of Nigerian email scams, I Do Not Come to You by Chance by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani tells the story of one young man and the family that loves him. As the Opara of the family, Kingsley Ibe is entitled to certain privileges—a piece of meat in his egusi soup, a party to celebrate his graduation from university. As the first son, he has responsibilities, too. But times are bad in Nigeria, and life is hard.

Unable to find a job after graduation, Kingsley cannot take on the duty of training his younger siblings, nor can he provide his parents with financial peace in their retirement. And then there is Ola, dear sweet Ola, the sugar in Kingsley’s tea. It does not seem to matter that he loves her deeply; he cannot afford her bride price.

It hasn’t always been like this. For much of his young life, Kingsley believed that education was everything and that, through wisdom, all things were possible. Now, he worries that without “long legs”—someone who knows someone who can help him—his university degree will do nothing but adorn the walls of his parents’ low-rent house.


And when a tragedy befalls his family, Kingsley learns the hardest lesson of all: education may be the language of success in Nigeria, but it’s money that does the talking. Unconditional family support may be the way in Nigeria, but when Kingsley turns to his Uncle Boniface for help, he learns that charity may come with strings attached.

Boniface, aka Cash Daddy, is an exuberant character who suffers from elephantiasis of the pocket. He’s also rumoured to run a successful empire of email scams. But he can help. With Cash Daddy’s intervention, Kingsley and his family can be as safe as a tortoise in its shell, but Cash Daddy dies of poisoning, and Kingsley sees the futility of chasing wealth at the detriment of one’s conscience. He goes back to his family for forgiveness.

Chapter by Chapter Summary of I Do Not Come to You by Chance

Chapter 1 Summary

The novel opens in Mr. Paulinus’ house. The story is told using the first-person narrative technique. Kingsley is the narrator. He is the first son (Opara) of the family. He has three siblings: Godfrey, Eugene, and Charity (a girl). The family goes through hard times.

Earlier, Mr. Paulinus and his wife, Augustina, travelled to the UK, where the husband obtained a master’s degree. Paulinus is posted to the Ministry of Works and Transport in Umuahia, while his wife runs a tailoring shop. Things have been going well until Paulinus diabetic illness surfaces. The family survives on Augustina’s business income and Paulinus pension.

The family sits down to eat. Odinkemmelu (male) and Chikaodinaka (female) are their housekeepers. Amid lunch, Paulinus reminds Godfrey of his university entrance forms. He tells his story of how his own father helped him study chemical engineering at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

He admonishes his children, referencing his childhood discipline. He focuses on Kingsley, who, as a result of his father’s talks, avoids Alozie and Kachi, ignoramuses.

Kingsley has maintained a good academic record. He has an interview awaiting him in Port Harcourt. Charity misses him. She is described as being tender, untidy, and a crybaby.

Chapter 2 Summary

Kingsley Ibe sets out early in the morning to check the postal office. He carefully avoids the fanatic evangelical Christians on the street, who remind him of his undergraduate days. He receives the letter and is depressed by the company’s decline of his job application.

He remembers Ola, his girlfriend, whom he met in school. She studies laboratory technology. He recalls his crush on her while in school. How he became fashionable was contrary to his nickname, “Graveyard,” which his isolation earned him. He shies at first because of Ola’s beauty. However, they become close friends and make plans for the future, though he graduates two years before her.

He meets the evangelical zealots again, accepts their flyer. He gets home dejected. Augustina notices his disappointment and consoles him. He plans to see Ola to quell his anxiety. The mother assists him with transportation fare, which he initially rejects but later accepts.

Chapter 3 Summary

Kingsley visits his girlfriend at Owerri. He fantasises on his way about their romantic relationship and Ola’s eventual surprise when she sees him. The encounter rather shocks him. Ola receives him coldly. He notices the new gifts she has. He questions her, but the latter seems indifferent and tired of him. She blames her hostility on her final year project, and begs Kingsley to give her space. Kingsley observes her changes but can’t place his hand on anything. He goes home pensively.

Chapter 4 Summary

Paulinus and his family react against the current government and their dubiousness as the press sets forth the day’s news. Kingsley seems withdrawn. His mind roams about his visit. Especially Ola’s talk of her mother’s dissatisfaction with him. He plans to visit her to unravel the whole mystery.

Ola’s mother runs a pepper-soup joint. Her husband marries another woman because she can’t bear a male child. She has five girls. Ezinne, the youngest, welcomes him. Ola’s mother disregards his presence. He is shocked to notice the same hostile attitude in her mother towards him. Ola’s mother mocks him. His joblessness and delay in marrying Ola are overbearing. She threatens him with the options of other suitors.

Kingsley remembers his mother’s ordeal at the hands of his father’s relatives, being the only child of his parents for five years. Oluchi, Augustina’s niece, had told her of the gossip rumoured about her barrenness. She advises her to seek a traditional solution. But Augustina and her husband stand their ground, and they are rewarded with more kids.

Kingsley rushes home and recovers the flyer given to him by an evangelist.

Chapter 5 Summary

The next day is Sunday. Kingsley intends to switch from an Orthodox background to a Pentecostal church. His precarious moment needs it. It reminds him of Aunty Dimma, who switched to Pentecostal owing to the countless misfortunes she encountered.

He meets the service with all of its frantic dance, songs, and prayers. The sermon centres on the rich man and Lazarus. Kingsley loves the idea he infers from the sermon: wealth and poverty. However, he is discouraged by the preacher’s emphasis on heaven and condemnation of materialism. After service, he trashes the flyer and goes home.

Chapter 6 Summary

Kingsley has dropped by his mother’s shop, surprisingly, since his childhood days. He declares his intention to relocate and apply for other job opportunities outside his field of study. Augustina takes it lightly. However, she worries about his shelter.

Kingsley opts to live with Uncle Boniface in Lagos as opposed to Aunty Dimma, who resides in Port Harcourt. Uncle Boniface is an illegitimate child from Kingsley’s maternal side. He is rich but is rumoured to run a dubious business (he is a 419er). He had a bad influence on Kingsley when he lived with the Ibe family. Augustina brushes off the idea, owing to Uncle Boniface’s dirty lifestyle.

Chapter 7 Summary

Paulinus prepares to go for pension exercise. His health is critical, but he has to, or else the government will write him off. He discusses with Kingsley his relocation plan. He cancels Lagos and approves Port Harcourt. Aunty Dimma savours Kingsley’s coming.

Kingsley visits Ola again for a reunion, but she’s absent. He returns home sad, with the knowledge that Ola came home without letting him know. He engages himself with a movie.  

Subsequently, Augustina’s scream startles everyone. Paulinus has slumped and has become unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital in Mr. Nwude’s car.

Chapter 8 Summary

The health of Mr. Paulinus, Kinsley’s father, has deteriorated, and, as a matter of fact, he is now bedridden. In this chapter, the family of Mr. Paulinus, along with Mr. Nwude, pleads with the Government Hospital Accident and Emergency Unit, where Kingsley’s father is taken for treatment, to take in Mr. Paulinus as well as begin proper treatment on him in order to save his life. At first, the nurse at the emergency unit is willing to admit him and begin treatment until she finds out that the card, which is usually issued to patients upon deposit of the treatment fee, is not with them. Upon request, she discovers that the condition precedent (payment deposit) for treatment is not fulfilled, and her earlier, warm receptiveness changes. Agitating, she requests the payment deposit first before carrying out any medical examination on Mr. Paulinus.

Mrs. Paulinus and her first son, Kingsley, together with Mr. Nwude, continue pleading. They explain to her the state of emergency, all to no avail, even after they’ve made several promises to return the next day with the said fee.

Mr. Nwude relates to them that his wife has a brother whose in-law’s aunt’s husband worked as a senior consultant in the government hospital. They reach out immediately to him, and he gives them a written note addressed to the hospital emergency room after a serious threatening statement to push them out of the hospital if they don’t keep to their promise of making the payment the next day.

On returning to the hospital and upon presentation of the note, they are admitted to the treatment ward and are told that Mr. Paulinus is in a state of coma. They spent the night in the hospital alongside the disturbance of blood sucking mosquitoes.

The next day, a deposit is made. However, Kingsley returns heartbroken as he mulls over a break-up message from his beloved girlfriend, Ola.

Chapter 9 Summary

Mrs. Paulinus consoles her son, Kingsley, as he weeps upon the notice of their broken relationship. Kingsley narrates his ordeal and seeks to report the situation to Ola’s mother, a step which he takes despite the derogatory remarks made by his aunt, Dimma, and his mother about how ill-mannered Ola’s mother is. His report is neglected as Ola’s mother is carried away by her evening business of local dishes and drinks. He goes home even more broken.

Chapter 10 Summary

Friends and well-wishers troop in, expressing their sadness. Aunty Dimma walks in later, teasing Kingsley about his breakup. Kingsley cuts in to remind his mom about their no-kobo account and the difficulty they’ll face in paying the bills.

Aunty Dimma reminds Mrs. Paulinus of their rich brother in Aba as an option to help foot the hospital bills. By virtue of the explanation and direction to his uncle’s house, it is evident that Kingsley is willing to visit his uncle in Aba.

Chapter 11 Summary

Kinglsey sets out to Aba to visit his uncle Boniface as regards his father’s ill health. He recollects the satanic and destructive impact his uncle had on his mother’s business while he was with them.

He reflects on the sanity of the people of Aba, who are very interested in carrying out government functions such as punishing offenders by themselves via jungle justice. The bike man drops him off at his uncle’s house. Kingsley wonders how much wealth and influence his uncle, Cash Daddy, commands. He joins the retinue of people who are begging to meet with Cash Daddy.

Cash Daddy moves out with his convoy of cars. The plate number of his own car is imprinted with the name Cash Daddy. He instructs Kingsley to wait in the reception room.

When Cash Daddy returns from his outing later with his retinue, one of his subjects wipes the dust off his shoes. He allows a lady into his office while Kingsley waits patiently for his turn.

Chapter 12 Summary

Kingsley goes to meet Cash Daddy, his uncle, upon being summoned by the receptionist. His proud, loud, wealthy uncle begins with a series of irrelevant conversations, starting with how Kingsley looks poor and how he needs to change his shoes; down to taking calls that lead him to extraneous useless conversations; and to priding in how much money he has and his private jet. He is interrupted by many calls and finally a physical meeting with one of his friends, known as World Bank. It is at this point that he remembers that Kingsley has been waiting and urges his protocol officer to issue a huge sum of money to Kingsley. Kingsley receives the package with gratitude and heads home.

Chapter 13 Summary

After Kingsley has returned, his younger brother Godfrey gets admitted to study electrical engineering. While it is a thing of joy, the news also brings sadness because the family is still trying to foot the bills for the father.

Moreover, the doctor has told them that they need to transfer Kingsley’s father as there are no adequate facilities to take proper care of him. This implies that they are going to need a huge amount of money.

Chapter 14 Summary

Kingsley, on a second visit to his uncle, sets out in one of his finest attires, one which his uncle would later dismiss as a rag. He looks in bewilderment at the infinite luxury in his uncle’s house, so much so that his uncle asks him to go on a tour in his shoe room.

In the end, his uncle gives him a huge amount of money for his father’s health and upkeep. This facilitates the transfer of Mr. Paulinus to a better equipped hospital, as recommended by the doctor from the previous hospital.

Chapter 15 Summary

Mr. Paulinus, who has been in a state of coma for a long , finally speaks to the amazement of everyone. At this point, the family is overjoyed. However, after the first statement, he doesn’t say anything else. He only stares at everyone, including his children, who come to visit.

Mrs. Paulinus breaks the news of how much the nurses in the hospital have started treating her with humility and respect because her brother, who is the talk of the town, has come to pay her a visit.

She informs Kingsley of how her brother demands to see him before he leaves for Umuahia. She also tells him of Mr. Boniface’s goodness to the nurses and people at the hospital, particularly how he disburses money to them in cash. Without so much emphasis on how Mr. Boniface made his money, they praise him endlessly.

Chapter 16 Summary

Kingsley and his younger sister, Charity, pay Uncle Boniface a visit. As usual, the luxuries and commanding influence are still the same, however, this time, only Charity is moved, as Kingsley has seen a great deal of that already. They are served, and Kingsley is ordered to see his uncle in his private room, where he tries to lure Kingsley to join him in his 419 business.

Without a second thought, Kingsley refuses, as Cash Daddy tries hard to influence him with his derogatory remarks about Kingsley and his family. Finally, Kingsley storms out after making it clear that he is never going to indulge in such business.

Chapter 17 Summary

Mr. Paulinus is expected to be discharged the next day, and Kingsley is requested to return home and arrange the house and the premises before his father’s return the next day.

However, life hits hard as Kingsley realises that his father is dead. He and his mother struggle to accept reality. Kingsley, in particular, deliberates on how to convey the sad news to his siblings, as flashes and images of his late father keep appearing.

Chapter 18 Summary

Mr. Paulinus’s house is filled with mourners, friends, and well-wishers, consoling Mrs. Paulinus, who puts on black attire as tradition demands.  Kingsley and his siblings are mourning their father too. The mourning environment changes a little for Kingsley when he sees Ola, his ex-girlfriend. A surge of love overwhelms his grief. However, he goes back to grieving as Ola breaks the news of her wedding to him.

Chapter 19 Summary

Cash Daddy helps the family of Mr. Paulinus give him a befitting burial.  Mrs. Paulinus head is shaved just after Mr. Paulinus is laid to rest. At this point, it becomes very evident to Kingsley that he is now the man of the family and must take responsibility for taking care of the family.

Chapter 20 Summary

In this chapter, it is obvious that Kingsley has chosen a path, and it is one that society considers evil, namely, working with his uncle, Cash Daddy, as a fraudster. This is the outcome of the negative influence his uncle had on him. He works with the other staff of Cash Daddy to dupe foreigners with the excuse that this is what he must do to cater for his family.

I Do Not Come to You by Chance
I Do Not Come to You by Chance front cover.

Chapter 21 Summary

Kingsley is now wealthy from his fraudulent means. His source of income is still unknown to his mom. Although she suspects his source of income, she believes in what her Opara has told her: that he is paid on a commission basis.

Kingsley goes ahead to get a four-bedroom apartment for himself and his family. He also gets himself a car. His siblings flock around him as he showcases the product of his newfound wealth. However, his mom is still mourning the loss of her husband.

Chapter 22 Summary

Kingsley continues to make so much progress in his fraudulent act, from scamming Mugu A to scamming Mugu B of their money with false intent. Uncle Boniface asks him to accompany him to London alongside his Protocol Officer. Even though Kingsley seems afraid, he gathers himself to set out for the journey.

Chapter 23 Summary

In preparation for the visit to London, Kingsley is asked to put calls across to find that his visa application is going just fine. His uncle tries to set things in order by meeting and consulting the necessary personnel to ensure that things go smoothly without any complications. He discloses to Kingsley on how he needs to replace Wizard, one of his fraudulent tech guys. He goes further to tell Kingsley of his plans to contest for the post of the Governor of Abia State.

Chapter 24 Summary

Kingsley zooms off in his car to his late father’s house in Umuahia to see his mum to disclose his intention to travel with his uncle to London. His mother advises him to get a reasonable job. Even though she has not been expressly told that her first son is indulging in fraudulent activities, Mrs. Paulinus advises her son on the need to be careful.

Chapter 25 Summary

All the necessary preparations have been made and the Protocol Officer, Kingsley, and Cash Daddy are already at the checkpoint in London. They are checked and allowed in. Moments later, Cash Daddy briefs them on how seriously they have to take the business on ground.  Kingsley entertains certain fear, but he has no other option than to stick to the reason for his coming. 

Chapter 26 Summary

They all arrive at London, all three of them with fake identities to cover their fraudulent intention to dupe the white man whom they intend to rip off of so much money. They converse on issues related to their mission. It is very much evident that the white mugu has given in to their scripted act, and at a point, it becomes clear to all three that the whole essence of coming to London is being fulfilled.

Chapter 27 Summary

Ben, one of Uncle Bonny’s workers, a cleaner precisely, has just gotten a car and it has become the talk of every member of staff. Azuka, another worker, is heartbroken because of how difficult it has been to ‘catch’ any mugu he has been dealing with. He complains to Kingsley about it and believes that the good luck charm of Kingsley has rubbed off on him after Kingsley handles most of his mails and he starts receiving money from the white mugu.

Charity, Kingsley’s sister, has written JAMB. She cries endlessly as she complains about her terrible performance to her elder brother who consoles her and reaches out to a friend and colleague to see what could be done to enable her get admission into the university. Kingsley prepares to pay a visit to Mr. Winterbottom, his client.

Chapter 28 Summary

Mr. Winterbottom pays for the deal in installments on his arrival to Abuja.  Kingsley helps secure an accommodation for him in a hotel. Mr. Winterbottom moves around Abuja from one part to another until he is tactfully dragged back to the hotel by Kingsley.

Chapter 29 Summary

Cash Daddy becomes very serious with his Gubernatorial Election Campaign, making promises to the people of Abia State. Kingsley too continues with his fraudulent activities, with Edgar being his recent white mugu.

Charity calls Kingsley and invites him to her matriculation. Kingsley promises to come and make it a memorable one for her. He also changes Charity’s course of study from Philosophy to Law.

Cash Daddy is making big preparations for the upcoming gubernatorial election. Meanwhile, Cash Daddy exerts his influence even on foreigners as he is seen shouting at one of the bankers over the phone who fails to keep his confidential statement confidential.

Chapter 30 Summary

Mrs. Boniface storms into her husband’s apartment, shouting and destroying valuables with her reason being that he has secured for one of his girls an apartment right beside her permanent residence in London. Cash Daddy is left with an injury in his mouth as he advises Kingsley on how childish women can be in their behaviour.

He finds out that Kingsley does not have a girlfriend or a sex partner and he tries his best to give him a call girl. They lodge in a hotel and both Kingsley and the girl engage in rounds of sexual intercourse together until he sleeps off.

Chapter 31 Summary

Kingsley has a physical meeting in Amsterdam with one of his clients who sees him as Mr. Shehu. Everything goes as planned as Mr. Hooverson signs the document and pays. Kingsley understands that he has finally gotten his ‘catch’ and like a puzzle, every piece is falling into place.

Chapter 32 Summary

Kingsley has concluded the business deal with Mr. Hooverson, and he is back to Nigeria. He has gotten engrossed with Camille and calls her to meet him later that evening at Aba. He runs into his old school classmate, Andrew. They exchange pleasantries and share memories. Andrew complains of his missing passport. They search around and finally report the issue to the immigration service. Andrew explains his predicament in low tones before they part ways.

Chapter 33 Summary

The previous day was a really busy and stressful day for Kingsley. However, his younger sister, Charity, whose matriculation is slated for that day, keeps on bugging him with phone calls, reminding him of how late he is going to be to the event. It is glaring that Kingsley is not bothered, because he knows how fast his car can go. His siblings all make it to the event aside Eugene who is preparing for an exam. Kingsley reminisces about his own matriculation on arriving the matriculation venue. He celebrates his sister in a grand style.

Chapter 34 Summary

On one of Kingsley’s visit to the state just after he has been checked and verified by the embassy, a shout of his name from afar almost throws him off balance as he turns to see his ex-girlfriend Ola, who also has come to get visa for her children. They reminisce over old times and Kingsley just cannot help but tell her how much he still loves her, as he feels his money is enough to get  her back to his side.

Chapter 35 Summary

Kingsley is granted leave to travel in and out of the United States of America at will for the next two months. He thinks of Ola’s emotional hold on him and its effects. He writes to Mr. Winterbottom, promising his payment of 200,851,070 US dollars once the functional charge of 6, 730,000 US dollars is paid. This is to pacify him.

Thereafter, he calls Camille to arrange a girl for him to spend time with. He gets a call from Protocol Officer to come over to Cash Daddy’s residence. He learns on getting there, that Cash Daddy has been invited to the police station for questioning as he has been accused of money laundering. Cash Daddy is detained at the police.

Kingsley gets a call from Charity, requesting his audience. Charity tells him that Johnny has proposed to her and she has said yes.  Kingsley thinks of what will become of his siblings if anything happens to him.

Chapter 36 Summary

Cash Daddy is released from police custody. He is picked up at the police station by Protocol Officer and Kingsley. He accuses Uwajimogwu of being behind his ordeal with the police.

On their way back home, Cash Daddy runs into his friend, World Bank, and they exchange pleasantries, each stopping right at the middle of the pothole-ridden road and consequently, causing traffic jam for other road users and provoking their anger.

Cash Daddy receives a gift from Kingsley, and at first, he tells him he should have spent the money on a poor market woman in society, but on second thought, he acknowledges the fact that this is his first time receiving a gift from anyone in the past fifteen years.

Summary of I Do Not Come to You by Chance
Summary of I Do Not Come to You by Chance

Chapter 37 Summary

Johnny, Charity’s suitor, pays Kingsley a visit. As the Opara, tradition demands that Johnny make his intention known to Kingsley first before the other family members. Kingsley pretends to be friendly, but inwardly, he dislikes his personality. He feels Charity does not actually love him but only sees him as her gateway to a better life, which is travelling abroad. 

When Johnny leaves, Kingsley convinces Charity to abandon the idea of marrying Johnny and promises to take her on a summer vacation to London. She is happy with the idea.

Chapter 38 Summary

Kingsley takes a roll call of the girls he has slept with and their criminal inclinations. Aunty Dimma calls him and informs him of his mother’s failing eyesight. He drives down to see her. He insists on taking her to Port Harcourt for good medical attention, but she refuses, citing Kingsley’s’ acquaintance with Cash Daddy, her younger brother, as the reason for her unhappiness and subsequent refusal.

Augustina makes it clear that her happiness does not stem from his wealth and that she desires that he live right. Kingsley, on realising this, storms out of the house, leaving her.

Chapter 39 Summary

Protocol Officer ties the nuptial knot. The wedding is sponsored by Cash Daddy. There is enough to eat and drink. Cash Daddy is the centre of attention, as he takes time to spray and hand out naira and dollar notes. Kingsley meets Merit, one of the bridesmaids. He strikes up a conversation with her and takes her phone number with the promise to call her.

Chapter 40 Summary

Kingsley persuades Mr. Winterbottom, a mugu, to pay five million dollars as an additional fluctuation charge to enhance the complete payment of 374,682,00.15 US dollars, being the aviation contract sum and accruing interest.

Cash Daddy sends the Protocol Officer to inform him that there will be a live phone-in programme later that day and instructs him (Kingsley) to inform others and to write out questions.

Merit calls Kingsley and requests that he call back. They agree to go on a date that evening. Kingsley runs into his campus roommate, Enyi. Enyi invites him to his book launch and gives him a copy.

Chapter 41 Summary

Azuka travels to Iran to see his Iranian mugu, who has invited him for a business meeting. Kingsley tries to dissuade him from travelling, as it can be bait. Azuka rebuffs Kingsley’s advice, saying he is old enough to take care of himself. He travels to Iran.

Chapter 42 Summary

Azuka has yet to come back from Iran, four days after he was scheduled to return. Nothing is heard of him. This creates panic among the other swindlers. Kingsley, in particular, is frightened and, for the first time, thinks about the imminent dangers of his chosen path.

Cash Daddy, when informed, attributes Azuka’s disappearance to his stupidity.

Chapter 43 Summary

Cash Daddy is getting ready for the gubernatorial election in Abia State. A documentary is put together to show his life-long achievements and his philanthropic activities.

Godfrey informs Kingsley of his intention to drop out of school and make money. Kingsley is not happy and tries to persuade him to change his mind.

Godfrey calls him a hypocrite, and this infuriates Kingsley, who beats him up and throws him out of his house. Kingsley drives him down to Umuahia to drop him off and tells him never to come near him again.

Chapter 44 Summary

Kingsley is angry at his family’s rejection and disapproval of his means of livelihood. He bares his mind to Aunty Dimma and his mother when they visit him to confront him about the previous day’s incident with Godfrey.

His mother makes it clear to him that, unless he stops being a conman, he should stop regarding her as his mother. She storms out of the house with Charity sobbing.

Kingsley thereafter receives a call from the Protocol Officer that Cash Daddy is dead.

Chapter 45 Summary

Cash Daddy is poisoned. The Indian girls and staff of the hotel restaurant are arrested. It is discovered that one of the chefs is paid to poison Cash Daddy.

Both the president of the country and the inspector general of police have promised to unmask the assassins. Protocol Officer hands over Cash Daddy’s business empire to Kingsley, but he rejects the offer and instead transfers everything to Protocol Officer.

Kingsley sets out to start life all over again on a fresh and clean note, hoping to reconcile with his family. He establishes Kings Cafe, a business enterprise that soon grows branches. He regains the trust of his family, his mother in particular. However, his call to Mr. Winterbottom at the end of this novel shows that beneath his fast-growing legitimate business is his concealed fraudulent activity.

Excerpts from I Do Not Come to You by Chance

“The piece of meat looked up at me and laughed. I would have laughed back but there was nothing funny about the situation at all.”

(Chapter 1)

“The wind ignored my grief and continued sucking the moisture from my skin as she hurried past on her journey from the Sahara to the Gulf of Guinea.”

(Chapter 2)

“My mouth fell wide open. I completely forgot that I had been in the middle of a speech that was designed to bring about world peace.”

(Chapter 3)

“I am this day knocking at the door of your heart. My prayer is that thou shall open so that thy servant may enter.”

(Chapter 6)

“All through the night, the mosquitoes came riding in on horseback. The males hummed shrill love songs into our ears, the females sucked blood from our exposed arms and feet.”

(Chapter 8)

“My father never ate out. No respectable Igbo married man would leave his house and go outside to buy a meal to eat.”

(Chapter 9)

“‘Me?’ Cash Daddy replied with horror. ‘God forbid. How can you say he looks like me? Can’t you see how his neck is hanging like a vulture’s neck?’”

(Chapter 12)

“‘I thought so too,’ she agreed quickly. ‘He’s really been very kind to us during this difficult period. I only wish his money were not so filthy.’”

(Chapter 15)

“One doesn’t refuse the food being offered without first opening the pot.”

(Chapter 16)

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