Chapter 4 Summary of Bayo Adebowale’s “Lonely Days”

Chapter Four of Lonely Days provides a deeper insight into Yaremi's relationship with time, memories, and her grandson Woye.


Chapter Four of Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days provides readers with a deeper insight into Yaremi’s character and her relationship with time, memories, and her grandson Woye.

In this chapter, Yaremi is presented as a resourceful and imaginative individual who seeks solace and companionship in her storytelling and recollection of youthful adventures.

Yaremi’s relationship with time is characterized by a keen awareness of its fleeting nature. She understands that time is not on her side and approaches life with a sense of urgency.


Throughout her various activities, Yaremi demonstrates her commitment to making the most of her time. She engages in multitasking, participating in multiple activities simultaneously, not only to pass the time but also to alleviate her loneliness. This resourcefulness speaks to Yaremi’s determination to find purpose even in the midst of solitude.

Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale

Storytelling becomes an integral part of Yaremi’s daily routine, particularly in her interactions with her grandson, Woye. In these tales, Yaremi shares her youthful escapades from Adeyipo Village, regaling Woye with rib-cracking stories of mischievous behaviour and playful pranks.

This bonding experience brings joy not only to Woye but also to Yaremi herself, as she finds companionship and the chance to relive her past through her stories.

This theme of storytelling highlights the value of passing down traditions and experiences through generations, connecting the past with the present.

Yaremi’s recollections of her youthful games and adventures further emphasize the theme of time and memory. She vividly describes activities such as hide and seek, communal bathing, and playful competitions among friends.

These memories depict a simpler time, when children shared a strong sense of camaraderie and unity, devoid of animosity and conflict. Yaremi’s stories evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting both her and Woye to a bygone era of innocence and camaraderie.

The happiness that emanates from Yaremi’s stories reflects the theme of sweet memories. As Yaremi and Woye bond over tales of the past, they find comfort and joy in reliving these moments.

Yaremi’s stories provide a respite from the challenges of widowhood and offer Woye a glimpse into his grandmother’s vibrant and adventurous youth.

The chapter resonates with themes of time, memory, companionship, and the enduring joy that can be found in sharing stories and reliving cherished moments.

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