Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on “Second Class Citizen”

Multiple Choice Questions

(1) In Adah’s view, the white society in the novel is one in which

(a) there is communal feeling (b) neighbourliness is lacking (c) neighbours live happily (d) members are unfriendly.

(2) To raise the reader’s anxiety about the story, the author sometimes

(a) stops the main story to narrate other events (b) creates a lot of funny episodes (c) puts too many difficulties in Adah’s way (d) shows that Francis is weak.

(3) Second Class Citizen is an expose of the

(a) pre-eminent position of boys in Igboland (b) experiences of Adah’s mother in the police cell (c) travails of the girl-child (d) marriage customs of the Igbo.

(4) For her act of child neglect, Adah’s mother was forced by the police to

(a) taste raw and black pepper (b) sleep in a solitary cell (c) drink a bowl of garri (d) pay a fine of ten shillings.

(5) Adah’s sojourn in London reveals that

(a) marriage is an equal partnership between spouses (b) her marriage improves (c) Francis is a hard working man (d) the plight of the black woman does not change.

(6) Pa Noble became a living legend because

(a) several conflicting stories were woven around him (b) he attained the status of a first class citizen (c) he was the only successful son of a Benin chief (d) he was rich and very generous

(7) The marriage of Adah and Francis collapses because of

(a) Adah’s unfaithfulness to Francis (b) the influence of British culture (c) Adah’s desire for personal fulfilment (d) external pressures on the couple.

(8) The central theme in Second Class Citizen is that women should

(a) be involved in national and international politics (b) beware of men and their sweet words (c) seek spiritual guidance before going into marriage (d) free themselves from the negative forces of patriarchy.

Check the answers below.


1. D

2.  A

3. C

4. C  

5. D

6. A

7. C

8. D

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