The Ray of Hope | A Poem by Mudathir Mahbub

The Ray of Hope

Here dwells the grip of gloominess in homogamous like.
Vividly humming around the pungent solace of destitutes.
On the horror-driven soil of the nomadic refugees.
Dispersing all around as strange if allien could.
Wouldn't we be thrusted away like a lifeless mud
Should its heart-bitten soreness frivolously persists over time.

Hopefully, the time would shield us of ecstasy.
Ripping us apart in the pool of charcoal- like garden.
On the glasly journey jingling in my fearful heart in tick-tock sound.
But on a long race, we dimple in glee in detachment
Ironically, for the hope to frequently prevail.
For it might lure me to the never seen before salvation.

Often  the golden heart of the articulate minded
Hollow eyed could attest though it's of no ephemeral, we wish.
Alas, thus, illuminating darkest particle, massively presides, perambulating on its terrain.

We could emerge suddenly dabbling into rolling realm of metabolism
Lest the long-in the tooth sorrow be  evaporated in a blue moon by the chirps of birds
Infact could melt away our sorrow night
Then, the black sheep begets a land of no return.

— Mudathir Mahbub

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