Chapter 14 Summary of Bayo Adebowale’s “Lonely Days”

Chapter Fourteen of Bayo Adebowale's Lonely Days is about Yaremi's evolving circumstances, the visit of her son Alani,


Chapter Fourteen of Bayo Adebowale’s Lonely Days is about Yaremi’s evolving circumstances, the visit of her son Alani, and the challenges she faces as she confronts ostracism from the Kufi villagers.

The chapter begins with Woye’s departure from Kufi for Olode with his mother, Segilola. This prompts Yaremi to contemplate relocating to Apon Village to be with Wura, her other daughter. However, Alani’s unexpected visit from Ibadan disrupts her plans.

Alani’s return reveals his lack of success as a city dweller. He has nothing to show for his laborious years of being a carpenter in Ibadan. His visit is expected to provide succour to Yaremi. But the opposite is the case as he has no plans of relocation for his mother. He only brings his mother some paltry loaves of bread and leaves for Ibadan the same day.


Alani gets frank advice from Uncle Deyo, his father’s best friend. Uncle Deyo encourages Alani to consider his responsibilities towards his mother and father’s legacy. He notes the potential wealth in the land that Ajumobi worked hard to cultivate and urged him to continue where his late father stopped. This conversation highlights Uncle Deyo’s honesty and concern for Yaremi’s welfare.

Lonely Days by Bayo Adebowale

Alani’s lack of enthusiasm for rural life becomes evident during a tour of his father’s farms with Uncle Deyo. Uncle Deyo attempts to impress upon Alani the significance of preserving and working his father’s legacy for the future. However, Alani’s decision to leave Kufi and return to the city immediately after the tour shows his disregard for his familial responsibilities.

Before his departure, Alani fabricates lies to deceive Yaremi about his responsibilities in the city. He requests her to lease out the farms and promises to return to relocate her later.

The next day, Yaremi is officially ostracized by the Kufi villagers for refusing a second marriage. Consequently, husband’s properties are confiscated. Yaremi’s fierce reaction, symbolized by tearing off her widowhood brocade dress, highlights her determination to stand her ground and fight against the ostracism.

By the end of this novel, Yaremi is ostracized by the whole of Kufi village. She is given a cold shoulder by everyone after her husband properties have been taken from her. She is also disappointed by a son she thought would come to her rescue. She has lost the companionship Woye offers her. She is left all by herself in a loneliness much deeper and depressing than the one before the cap-picking ceremony. This signifies that there are longer lonely days ahead for her. What is clear however is that she does not regret her decision.

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