Chapter 16 to 20 Summary of Pede Hollist’s So the Path Does Not Die

In this post, we are going to summarise Pede Hollist’s novel, So the Path Does Not Die, from chapters sixteen to twenty.

Chapter 16 to 20 Summary of So the Path Does Not Die
Chapter 16 to 20 Summary of So the Path Does Not Die

In this post, we are going to summarise Pede Hollist’s novel, So the Path Does Not Die, from chapters sixteen to twenty.

Chapter 16-17 Summary

At Cammy’s place, siblings, relatives and guests gather. Cammy manages to keep a polite countenance. Thanks to his mother that takes over the woeful moment and brings further encouraging words to the awful air.

A strange young man, having a semblance of Cammy’s dead elder brother (Donovan) summons Cammy’s attention. The young man presents another shocker: he claims to be Cammy’s son.


The narrative shifts its lens to the police station where the issue about the fight at the church is ratified. Kizzy is released with a curfew sentence binding within Washington Area.

Fina yet agitates to go home while Aman drags her decision. Aman suggests they go to a restaurant and eat but Fina declines. Fina asks of Bayo and Aman intimates her of  his untrustworthiness. She resolves to travel alongside Fina to Africa in order to avenge herself. They ease off their painful memories through talk. Edna appears and Aman leaves subsequently.

Edna begs Fina to call Cammy on Kizzy’s behalf, since he witnessed what transpired in the fight scene. Fina declines on the grounds of their momentary emotional distance. Besides, she’s happy inwardly to see Kizzy suffering, as she recalls his assault on her in the past.

However, she feels guilty that Kizzy would be punished for a crime he did not commit, should she outrightly reject Edna’s plea. While she burns within, Edna embraces her on the sofa, both speechless, and their childhood bond reactivates, refreshing Fina’s soul.

So the Path Does Not Die
So the Path Does Not Die

Chapter 18 Summary

In Chapter 18 of So the Path Does Not Die, Cammy’s sexual escapades are retold, following his depression after Donovan’s death. He gets into some sexual affair of sort with one Anushka Mutari. Though Celeste fights to end the matter by sending Anushka away, with orders to place the child on adoption, but fate lays bare as the young man declares his name to be Glen Gibson and that he is around twenty years of age.

Cammy’s mother, Celeste Priddy questions Glen’s identity skeptically. Glen explains he’s christened after his foster parents. Cammy literally adopts his mother’s stern tone, stressing on DNA test. Glen objects to the conduct of DNA test on the grounds that his kidney is failing, which is why he has to look for his closest relative whose kidney might match his. Cammy is startled by this revelation.

Cammy visits Fina with loads of apologies. The latter accepts unemotionally. She informs him of her decision to go home. Cammy flares up and makes some derogatory remarks about Sierra Leone. A sharp misunderstanding ensues.

Cammy calms down and he reminds Fina of their unborn child. Fina is caught between ‘paths’ again. To stay with Cammy or cut the rope and go home. Both suddenly reminiscences on their painful past, soothing it with songs. Cammy, his brother’s death while Fina, about Baramusu and her aborted initiation process, and the condition of Isa.

They cuddle each other as they hum different songs. Cammy gets attracted to Fina’s song. Fina explains further. They relish the process of emotional healing.

Chapter 16 to 20 Summary of So the Path Does Not Die
Chapter 16 to 20 Summary of So the Path Does Not Die

Chapter 19 Summary

Fina sketches the details about her marriage and divorce with Jemal to Cammy. Cammy follows it up with his own confession. Fina is caught between surprise and pain at Cammy’s revelation of having a son. The pain, however, pertains to stomach ache. Cammy tells Fina of the option he has to donate one of his kidneys to his son. Fina supports his decision to donate one of his kidneys for his son’s survival. Their conservation tilts towards transparency, reconciliation and intimacy.

When their secret is over, Fina requests of Cammy to be Kizzy’s witness about the fight scene that has gotten Kizzy into trouble. Cammy agrees to do so but not after he has mocked Kizzy a little. The two lovebirds sit, enjoying each other’s company, until Fina shouts and faints.

Chapter 20 Summary

Aman has decided to auction everything that reminds her of Bayo. She gets a phone call from Cammy about Fina’s admission to the hospital. She dresses to leave, only to stumble upon Bayo. Bayo explains his absence and dispels Aman’s fear that he’s married. He is only engaged to a woman, and that woman is her. Aman feels elated. Bayo proposes marriage immediately with the intent to travel with her back to Nigeria.

Aman suspects his rush and declines his proposal. She blames him of altering their earlier plans on his own, without seeking for her opinion. Besides, she can’t leave her mother behind.  Her sister Shantea’s entrance disrupts their discussion.

Both Bayo and Aman get to the hospital. Fina is said to have experienced ‘a threatened miscarriage.’ She wakes up and is happy to see Bayo. Upon Fina’s enquiry, Bayo explains why he wants to travel home after marriage to compensate his people for their investment on him. Bayo’s explanation doesn’t make sense to Aman. She sulks. Fina struggles to join her and blasts the men (Bayo and Cammy).

Bayo attempts leaving but he is stopped by Fina. With more questions, he explains his near-death experience, as his village is plagued with Lassa fever disease. Cammy cuts in, ran a test on Bayo and diagnosed him of malaria.

Edna soon joins them. Cammy announces his decision to submit himself for a kidney transplant. Fina addresses the shock in the air while Cammy reaffirms his witness role in the police affair involving Edna’s husband, Kizzy.

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