Characters in Flora Nwapa’s “Women are Different”

Women are Different cover
Women are Different by Flora Nwapa

Characters in Women Are Different are ever dynamic and constantly on the move. There is always a search motif which drives them to continue with their journey.

All Nwapa’s characters dream of a blossoming marriage in a universe characterised by illusions and marriage.

The female protagonists move endlessly for marital satisfaction, economic successes inter-twined in a bunch of complex relationships soon marked by divorce, cheating, jilting and disappointment.


Nwapa shows through this medium, the vicissitudes and inconsistencies which characterise marriage in Africa, especially in this era of female awakening and feminist consciousness.

Characters in Women are Different include Rose, Agnes, Dora, Comfort, Chinwe and Zizi. The novel shows how different the women of this age truly are.

Characters in Women are Different


Rose is one of the important characters in Women are Different. She is portrayed as a romantic woman, who has her heart broken multiple times by the men she gets involved with. Yet, she remains generous to her ex’s mother. She is compassionate and open to love.


Dora is a good and industrious mother and wife who accepts her husband back after his betrayal and infidelity. Her blind devotion to her husband and his eventual betrayal changes her thought process.


Although married off at an early age, she makes the best of her situation and is a diligent home maker and a long-suffering wife, who pursues her degree with enviable ambition. Her search for her own satisfaction and love is misunderstood as selfishness.


Comfort, unlike her peers, is not rooted in the conventional thought that a woman’s only achievement is having children and a husband. She is self-opinionated and often misunderstood but has a good heart.

Miss Hill

Miss Hill is portrayed as a gentle and kind missionary, one who genuinely seeks the all-round growth and development of the girls. Though she leaves before they graduate, she leaves a positive mark in their lives.

Our articles on the themes and summary of the text will apprise you of the roles of these characters in the novel and of others not mentioned here.

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