Chapter Two Summary of Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”


In chapter two of Things Fall Apart, Umofia as a compound community becomes wary of the outer threat following the killing of its folk in Mbaino.

Despite the fact that it possesses bouyant power of the Oracle of the hills and caves, it also has a medicine woman popularly known as Agadi Nwayi or Old woman at her disposal.

Okonkwo, the main character of this story, therefore pleases his mind with hatred of his father’s traits vis-a-vis laziness, titlelessness and crippling financial status upon which the latter was mostly mocked by his mates.


Okonkwo grows into a hardworking farmer with a lot of barns of yams. He doesn’t conceal his detestation for laziness even among his offsprings and his wives.

Okonkwo, by virtue of being a fearless and brave person, is subsequently assigned the task of retribution for Umofia from their neighbouring community. Mbaino, whose member killed a someone from Umofia.

Consequently, in reaction to this attack, the elders of Umofia organised a meeting wherein the next action concerning the killing is decided.

It is later unanimously agreed upon that Okonkwo should should lead a delegation team to the community of Mbaino.

It must be noted that Umofia doesn’t wage war against any community except in compliance with the permission and dictate of the oracle.

In the spite of having much power more than her counterparts, having to wait for go-ahead signal from the oracle puts the community in check in respect of when and when not to go to war.

In the case of Mbaino, a lad of fifteen years old and a virgin are simultaneously offered by Mbaino to placate Umofia. The placation quells any prospect of a war breakout between Mbaino and Umuofia. It also reduces the growing tensions between them.

In conclusion, the care of Ikemefuna, the fifteen-year-old boy, is entrusted to Okonkwo in the meantime, while the elders decide the fate of the poor boy. Conversely, the virgin is hereby enjoined to fill in the role of the wife of the Umuofia man whose wife was killed in Mbaino from the outset.

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