Poem: “An Immigrant in London” by Ezenwa-Ohaeto

An Immigrant in London 

I sought him in London: 
At Heathrow the Indian, 
Flips the passport pages, 
Scrutinizes the dated stamps, 
Prods me with tingling questions,
Wishes me a pleasant stay;

At the hotel the Asian, 
Attends the Reception desk, 
Takes the filled in form, 
Hands over the keys, 
Checks me into the room; 

Still I searched for him, 

At the corner restaurant 
The Italian seats me down 
Hands over the Menu 
Serves food and drinks 
And takes the money,

With the Bus the Caribbean 
Takes me on a tour of sights 
Traverses the legends of London 
Talks of the fossils of history 
Returns me to base, 

I did not see him, 

I saw the taxi driver from Nigeria 
The London Bobby on the beat 
The curious supermarket attendant 
The fellow commuters in the tube 
The contesting languages on the street, 

I searched for the Empire builder Swallowed by the crowd of the Empire.

— Ezenwa-Ohaeto

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