“In a Kitchen Where Mama Broke the World Record” — a Nigerian Poem of Victory by Hajani Hibard

In a Kitchen Where Mama Broke the World Record

Yesterday, Mama put on the green attire with a white strip
Then she moved on steadfast to make us proud
On her own track; on her apron like in the kitchen
The magic and miracle mixture of assorted conglomerates united-
She cooked "Naija' jollof" as intercontinental delicacy
Served the world before her to have a taste
Of "who we are as a whole -giant Africana"
So after all, she was made the world chef too
With the most tasteful spoon in less tick-tock
-in cooking the yummy meal out of other mummies.
Mama was overwhelmed
Her golden prime stood around her neck, drawing many attentions to the dresser
As she sang the anthem, amidst,
She had long broke the record before breaking into tearful cries
Wondering how "the labour of our heros' past shall never be in vain"?
So the scrapped pot she brought back home to us
With joy we ate. We rejoiced with blessing
And licked out of our home-made dish
Mis-taken as turnt remnant abroad.

At last, she first; she didn't steal the moment,
Only the winning she've shifted
To the broken pocket
And the momentum we'd made -victoriously.

— Hajani Hibard


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