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Q & A: How does “The Leader and the Led” justify the type of leadership in Africa?

Osundare first addresses the issues of bad leadership, leadership ineptitude, and gross misgovernance which have become the rallying cries for many short-changed African followers.

Q & A: How far is it correct to say that there are two protagonists in Unexpected Joy at Dawn?

It is absolutely correct to say that there are two protagonists in Alex Agyei-Agyiri's Unexpected Joy at Dawn. The two protagonists in the text are Nii Tackie and Mama Orojo.

How to Pass Literature-in-English in SSCE: A Guide

In 2016, I sat for Literature-in-English in WASSCE. When the result was released, it was with relative ease that I had a B3.

Q & A: Comment on the Relationship Between Nii Tackie and Massa

Nii Tackie is Massa's husband while Massa is Nii Tackie's wife. There are several textual evidences to support this stance.

Q & A: Consider in detail Second-Class Citizen as a woman’s ideological statement in the female condition

Ada faces a streak of adverse situations: from unsettled marriage to premature motherhood to a taxing bread winning responsibility as if it were a comeuppance of some sort.

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